بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Praise be to Allah Taa’la who had granted us Imaan n Islam. And salutation upon the messenger of Allah Ta’ala , Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W).

This institute was founded with the twin objectives of preservation, and

Darul Ulum Al Islamiyyah which is also known as D.U.A.I are for muslim boys and girls. It is situated in the locality of Malacca Town , in Melaka.

Back in 2009, under the guidance and inspiration from Allah, D.U.A.I had been started with a handful of students and few teachers.

Alhamdulillah, D.U.A.I has grown over 150 students and approximately 12 teachers.

DUAI today is a fully grown private institute whose main aim is to educate student through Islamic Teaching and follows a strictly method of teaching in order to maintain the highest of standards in advancing knowledge and traditional disciplines.

DUAI also greatly emphasises the need to attend all classes and to learn Quran with great zeal and effort. In a nutshell, when student graduate from DUAI, they know what pleases Allah with regard to both HUQOOQ ALLAH and HUQOOQ AL IBAAD, so that whatever career is pursued, there will be no conflict in matters of Deen.

May Allah use DUAI to spread and teach HIS deen to our children so that they in turn have the ability to teach not just their children, but to give dakwah ila Allah and spread tabligh of Deen throughout the world - InshaAllah.


  وسلم : (( خيركم من تعلم القرءان وعلمه )) . قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه

Translation : The messenger of Allah Ta’ala (S.A.W) said : (( The best of you are those who teaches the Quran and learn the Quran.

The mission of the D.U.A.I student are to learn and memorize the Quran by heart and teaches the Quran to every corners of the world , InsyAllah . May Allah give us the taufiq and hidayat . Ameen .


  • Parents play a great role in the education of their children. It is not a one-sided effort of the teacher alone on the child. The teacher will do his/her share but the parents must also play their part
  • Parents must show their eagerness and concern for the students educational progress and good behavior.
  • Parents must encourage their children to take their memorization of Quran and behavior seriously.


The pictures of D.U.A.I for boys and girls will be here InsyAllah on soon. Jazakumullah.